Bag for Your Life….#Be OK

Adventure in the detour

Our ‘bag for your life’ takes our project directly into the community for situations where young people cannot access school for whatever reason.

This bag is a free ‘toolkit’ to aid with wellbeing.

It contains some gifts for the young person, such as a worry ball, pack of cards, craft activity and a ping pong ball for some competitiveness!

Our leaflet has strategies to help with anxiety, including breathing and mindfulness exercises.

The bag also contains an activity for exercise and some ideas for helping occupy time as well.

There is also an opportunity for the young person to create a bag for someone else as well, with a personal message as the bag itself contains another bag to give as a gift.

The young people can support eachother with our peer mentoring ideas as well and are encouraged to get in touch with at least one other person so they are not so isolated.

We would be happy to hear from anyone who would like to get in touch or would like help to find someone to talk to. Please email [email protected]

We recognise that some young people are struggling a lot and we encourage them to get professional help quickly if their thoughts cause concern.

Please pass on this idea and gift someone a bag yourself…. everyone appreciates being thought about and both giving and receiving helps release those happy hormones!

‘Be the change that you want to see in the world’ #Be Kind #Be OK

Make your own ‘bag for your life’ care package

      1. Find or buy a gift bag (or email us to see if we have spares). We can send you details and a logo if you want to buy 100!
      2. Put our ‘bag for your life’ leaflet and other ‘help’ leaflets in the bag (see links below).
      3. Use our ideas for content (see link below), buy your own gift or make some cookies… anything will be a lovely surprise
      4. Give your care package to someone who needs it, with a personal message. Google motivational quotes if you’re stuck with knowing what to write, or thank them for being a friend.

By doing this you will get a good  D.O.S.E of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins. This will help both you and others feel a whole lot better!

Enjoy this project and if you want to be part of our Zoom meet ‘Common Room’ to ‘check in’ and ‘hang out’ please email [email protected]

(See for DOSE explained)

Download ‘Bag for Your Life’ leaflet for printing here.

Download ‘Active Sheet’ here.

Download ‘Bagfor Your Life Contents

Download ‘Relaxation Tips’ here.

Download ‘Sleep Tips’ here.

Download ‘Supporting Friends Leaflet (A4)’ here.