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Secondary School selection has never been so complex. The range of state schools – academies, faith schools, voluntary-aided, free schools, etc. has never been greater.  On top of that competition for places at academically selective places at state grammar and independent schools is at an all-time high.

This book is a groundbreaking, step-by-step guide to help parents navigate the maze of choices and builds on Anita Hill’s extensive experience of tutoring and preparing children for secondary school places.  Supported by articles written by parents, head teachers and inspectors, issues such as ‘how to choose a school’, single sex or co-ed, state or private, bursaries, scholarships and recognising a learning difficulty are covered objectively and sensitively.  Children’s development, emotional and spiritual well-being are recognised and a whole section is devoted to help parents keep it in perspective!

Eleven Plus Without the Fuss also includes:

  • Step by step introduction to verbal and non-verbal reasoning techniques
  • 11+ vocabulary list
  • Tutoring Action Plan – 11 plus in 11 months, 11+ in 11 weeks, 11 plus in 11 days
  • List of useful resources – books, papers and web-sites
  • Interview techniques and practice questions
  • Parent Planner to help with organisation of dates etc.
  • Pupil Planner to help with pupil organisation of practice papers
  • Guide to local schools (not in National Edition)

Announcement: March 2015 – The book has been re-released as a national edition, ISBN number 978-1910197158.  It has been updated to include information about CEM-style testing and other relevant changes reflecting the latest in 11+ tuition and secondary education.

Order and Purchase Information:

If you would like a copy  (for £10 including postage) then email Tim at Also available from Amazon,, WHSmith (currently Kingston and Croydon), Waterstones (Kingston) and other local shops in Surrey including Regency Bookshop (Surbiton), The Cobham Bookshop, Claygate Post Office, Refresh Books (Tolworth) and Quaiche Café (Horsley).