Recent Feedback and Recommendations

Every lesson at school should be like an Elevate Eleven lesson! Without the extra tuition our child has had, he would have been nowhere in terms of exam prep. Elevate has filled the void between state school learning and grammar & independent school expectations.


Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed the Elevate tutoring programme over a period of two years. The curriculum was well-balanced, carefully thought through and stimulating. The group lessons were fun and allowed her to study alongside her friends. The provision of learning materials was good and the pastoral support was excellent. It was a really good preparation for the 11+ exams as well as a necessary supplement to her school work, particularly in her weaker subject areas.

Sessions were relaxed, but constructive & focused. Learning in a small group, rather than 1:1, really helped with motivation too.


We’ve just heard this morning that [child] has been offered an Academic Scholarship and Music Exhibition to Guildford High School and an Academic and Music Scholarship at Surbiton !! She’s absolutely thrilled – as are we !  She’s thinking she’ll accept the Guildford place.  Thanks so much for all your hard work with her and for the advice you’ve given us about schools – it’s been very much appreciated.


I feel [child] has made excellent progress under the tutelage of Elevate Eleven. Although he joined the programme late, he has certainly come a long way. The improvement in his ability and confidence is clearly evident in both his attitude to the work, the tests and to his general outlook on all things academic.