Year 6



The Year 6 programme works best for those who have done the Year 5 programme as we focus on timed paper practice. We extend our teaching in this term to the highest level with difficult algebra, comprehensions and complex creative writing techniques so they learn to excel and stand out in an exam situation.

While we will always try to help parents at the last minute (and have done so in the past with some success) we strongly recommend that you start your child in year 4 or 5 so that they have the best chance of being ready for all the challenges the entrance exams throw at them.


English TopicsMaths Topics - high level
Comparing Non-Fiction TextsFractions, Decimals & Percentages (including percentage change)
Parts of Speech and Word Classes (including articles, connectives, prepositions, determiners, modal verbs and relative pronouns)Ratio, Proportion & Probability
Sentence Structures (including clauses, co-ordinating conjunctions, adverbial phrases and expanded noun phrases)Measurement & Geometry
Punctuation (specifically commas, semi-colons / colons and direct speech)Statistics
Comparing Non-Fiction TextsAlgebra
Comprehension when answering in paragraphs (e.g. a 10 mark question)Please note, by the time they are in our Year 6 course, we expect pupil’s to be comfortable with all core maths skills in order to be able to complete the work we set.
The structure of a story when creative writing, including the techniques required to gain maximum marks
Writing a letter, personal statements or speech