Eleven Plus without the fuss

Elevate Eleven is a tutoring and consulting business aimed at helping children be the ‘best that they can be’ and finding the right school for them – one that will enable them to reach their potential and to blossom into adulthood. It is not just about ensuring the academically most able can win that sought-after place at the local grammar school. Click here for more information about our team.

Elevate Eleven has been in business for 15 years and works hard to ensure that children find the right school for them. This is why we have excellent exam results. We want to assure you that we know how to ‘jump through the hoops’ and help you have peace in the situation, letting us take at least some of the strain. We have been through this as parents and, with our eldest at university and our youngest in the upper sixth, we are now seeing the complete ‘education’ cycle from a parents’ perspective. Please see Elevate Life if you would like to see how we support parents.

Elevate Eleven has joined with Achieve Now to run Learning Support groups (for dyslexic and non-dyslexic children). These include groups for primary school children at Claygate Primary and Stanley School, Teddington, and secondary school based courses at Hinchley Wood and in East Molesey. All classes except Hinchley Wood are open to children from any school.

The primary children work on fun, interactive and multi-sensory games to improve phonics, numeracy, working memory and touch–typing. They also follow a non-computer based handwriting and comprehension course. The little and often approach of daily practice helps reinforce learning and frees parents up to be mum and dad not a tutor. Each child has a tailored programme to help overcome their individual difficulties.

Our secondary school based courses at Hinchley Wood and East Molesey also include a study skills programme, teaching how to learn, revise and succeed in exams.

Recent Feedback and Recommendations

• We’ve just heard this morning that xxxx has been offered an Academic Scholarship and Music Exhibition to Guildford High School and an Academic and Music Scholarship at Surbiton !! She’s absolutely thrilled – as are we !  She’s thinking she’ll accept the Guildford place.  Thanks so much for all your hard work with her and for the advice you’ve given us about schools – it’s been very much appreciated.

• xxxx is really enjoying his time at Elevate Eleven. Thank goodness someone is helping him to use his brain! We’re very glad that you took us on.

• I feel xxxx has made excellent progress under the tutelage of Elevate Eleven. Although he joined the programme late, he has certainly come a long way. The improvement in his ability and confidence is clearly evident in both his attitude to the work, the tests and to his general outlook on all things academic.

Term Dates

We generally follow local state school term dates. Hence, for specific dates of school-based classes please check the school’s term dates. We generally do not run a group on school INSET days as we are often unable to use the building. For dates of non-school-based classes we still run according to local school term dates as best we are able to but please contact us if you need specific details.