Year 4



Our Year 4 foundation course starts in January and runs for two terms. It is proving increasingly popular with parents, in part because the year 5 course is so intense but also since the pandemic has caused a ripple effect in the confidence and abilities of younger children, in particular. The first term of the year 4 course is based on the year 4 school curriculum, but by the second term we are focusing on the year 5 curriculum to prepare them for the following year. As the year 4 course moves at a slower pace, we have time to put an emphasis on developing core skills, such as long multiplication and division, or challenging English comprehensions, which we find state school children in particular are less familiar with. Children are welcome to join any of our year 4 groups at any point (subject to availability) but if they all start together in January of year 4 then we have an opportunity to take them through a well-paced, carefully structured and proven core skills programme that will also help significantly with their day-to-day schoolwork.


Spring Term (1st)Spring Term (2nd)Feedback
Year 4 level comprehensions – learning how to write full sentence answers (not just multiple choice)Year 4 level comprehensions continued – begin to answer independently with less helpReports sent home at the end of this term to update parents on pupil’s progress so far
Introduction to parts of speech, direct and reported speech and fronted adverbials which link to short creative writing tasksSimiles; Metaphors; Personification; Complex Spellings; Contractions; Homophones and sentence structures – link to short creative writing tasks
Year 4 level - Addition; Subtraction; Times Tables; Multiplication; Division; Decimals; Factors & MultiplesYear 4 level - Fractions; Rounding; Shapes & Angles; Perimeter & Area; Co-ordinates and Translations; Charts & Graphs
Summer Term (1st)Summer Term (2nd)Feedback
Year 5 level – Addition & Subtraction; Multiplication & Division; Place Value; Number Knowledge; Rounding; Fractions, Decimals & Percentages; Ratio & ProportionYear 5 level – Mixed Calculations & Word Problems; Displaying Data; Mean Average; Angles; 2D & 3D Shapes; Perimeter & Area; Problem Solving; Co-ordinates; Units & Time1-2-1 Parent Meetings with child’s tutor take place before the summer holidays
Alternation between teaching new creative writing techniques (e.g. how to write a character description, literary techniques, how to write direct speech, how to include senses in description) and teaching how to do difficult comprehensions to ensure answers are as accurate as possible, including interpreting texts correctly from a variety of eras.