Elevate Support Club – Primary

We are not currently running clubs for primary age children although we have done so in the past and have the materials and expertise to do so. If you are interested in such a group being set up in your schoool or local area please contact us to discuss.

Elevate Support Club – Secondary

Places available for year 11 children to help with revision, how to remember, exam technique through technology and tuition! It’s not too late!

Contact: [email protected] or 07730 955699


Caroline Bateman with a secondary dyslexia support group

This group is designed to help those children (mainly under-achieving dyslexics) who find schoolwork difficult, but who do not qualify for extra support at school. This is a club paid for by parents, but we aim to keep the cost down to support those who cannot afford 1-1 tuition and whose children would benefit from the camaraderie and less intimidating support of group tuition.


The Elevate club consists of:

Technology Sessions:

The technology based computer games develop phonics and spelling, working memory and touch-typing. Pupils learn these skills and continue daily practice at home. Because pupils wear headphones they are provided with individually tailored, fun, multisensory programmes that meet their specific needs. Our dyslexia programme is also capable of screening for dyslexia.

Tuition Sessions:

The teacher-led sessions focus on organisation, learning styles, note taking, research, revision, exam techniques and exam stress. In the final term each year we support the children with their own revision work. Our approach has been developed through our training and experience through the Helen Arkell centre where its philosophy is that learning happens through fun activities.

An Award Ceremony

This enables us to reward the children who have practised or improved the most with their homework tasks. This healthy competition encourages the children to work well on tasks at home.

Team Talk – “All in it together”

This is an opportunity to boost pupils’ self-esteem. Often we show videos of famous, successful dyslexics. This is an opportunity to recognise ‘shared’ experience and support of peers.


We end the lesson by revising work learnt, by an interactive quiz or quizlets.

Break time

Children are able to eat a snack and take a break when needed – we do consider their emotional well-being.

Physical Activities

We recognise that dyspraxic, kinaesthetic learners need to move around so a few minutes of brain-gym or gross and fine motor skills aid a varied programme.


We aim to keep the cost down in order not to be exclusive so we charge £30 for a 1.5 hour session.


This is currently available for Hinchley Wood pupils only, on Fridays – 1:30-3pm at Hinchley Wood Secondary.

To book or register an interest please email [email protected]


“I was unsure whether to book my daughter onto the Elevate course at Hinchley Wood School as she hates homework or the thought of extra school lessons and was very keen to make the most of her precious Friday afternoons. She immediately loved the course, however, and is keen to do the practice at home. The teachers are very helpful and keen to set work specific to her needs. Her description of the course is ‘a lot of fun and useful”. (Mother of year 9 girl)

“I have really enjoyed the Elevate sessions. There is a really nice friendly atmosphere. I have learnt what type of learner I am, the best way to take notes and revise using different memory strategies. My touch typing has also improved, as have my reading skills, with some chocolate driven motivation for practice outside the sessions. At the end of each session there is a recap of everything we’ve done in a quiz with prizes.” – Isabelle, year 8

“I wish we’d had this opportunity earlier. My daughter really enjoys the sessions and is even happy to do extra work at home.” – Mother of year 7 girl

“Thanks for all your support, we’re stunned at xxx’s touch-typing skills!” – Mother of year 10 girl