A Golfer’s Guide to Education

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Steve has written ‘A Golfer’s Guide to Education’, which is particularly useful for parents and teachers of ASD pupils and those who struggle with socialisation and anxiety. You don’t have to understand golf to enjoy The Golfer’s guide but it uses golfing analogies to help the reader understand the ways that these young people operate.

Steve says:
The Golfer’s Guide is available for anyone to read and share at no cost. However, if you would like to show appreciation then, in memory of Joanna, I politely request that you consider making a small donation to Cystic Fibrosis Trust using My Donate platform:

‘Written in a humorous, warm-hearted style, Steve brings all the experience of his thirty years in
education to answer the question ‘What works with ASD pupils?’ Phil, Teacher


A Golfer’s Guide is a valuable ‘how to’ reference for teaching young people with autism. The author
draws on his extensive experience as a teacher in mainstream and special needs schools and
provides a useful reminder to all teachers of the core principles when engaging with young people
on the autistic spectrum.
The guide reminds professionals they can develop unconscious habits that focus on preconceived
ideas of what a young person should achieve. The author instead explores ways in which the teacher
can engage with the young person by sharing their interests, initiating a conversation to enter their
world and finding strategies to discuss the everyday problems they face, such as anxiety, or the need
to always be in control.
Presented in a novel format, the guide mirrors a round of golf with 18 holes of varying line and
length, rounded off with a visit to the 19th, each hole presenting thought-provoking and entertaining
parallels between the game of golf and the art of teaching.

Valerie Mason, Parent and Specialist Support Tutor, Nescot, Surrey.