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Core Maths/English Tuition

KS2 Maths & English; KS4 Study Skills

Maths & English Tutoring from 2021

Elevate Eleven endeavours to respond to individual need and the coronavirus pandemic has meant that within the education sector much additional need has arisen during 2020. Parents have taken on the role of tutor or at least educational facilitator and family dynamics have changed.? Elevate Eleven and Elevate Life aim to support you with these dramatic changes.

For this reason our role has evolved somewhat and we have found ourselves not just tutoring for entrance exams but for much broader academic goals as well.? With our expertise of communicating information quickly and effectively we have found ourselves supporting a wider range of children to close gaps in their learning, and not necessarily tutoring for entrance exams.

Catch-up classes – a chance to look again at the curriculum

Many children have missed out on areas of learning due to being absent from school during the summer term of 2020 and into the start of 2021. This, combined with extended periods of relative isolation from their peers, has meant that some children have fallen further behind in their learning. For this reason we are continuing to teach year 6s throughout the year 6 academic year, after the school selection exams.


(NOTE: under lockdown these are all taking place using Zoom and other technologies)

Our year 6 academic support classes take place at the Tennis Club, Thames Ditton on Thursdays.

During these sessions we focus particularly on areas that will come up in the SATs exams.

We are also continuing to offer a Tuesday year 4 and year 5 group at the Tennis Club in Thames Ditton as well as all our local area year 4 and year 5 classes that specifically aim to prepare children for selective school entrance exams in year 6.


Regardless of lockdown specifics, we also run a Zoom year 5 group for children who are self-isolating. With further demand we are able to set up new groups so please contact us to discuss.

Dyslexia and learning difficulties:

We have a track record and considerable expertise in helping children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.? With our boost groups we have a chance to take learning a little more slowly, using a more interactive approach.? These groups are particularly good for those children who struggle with school. Please email for further details.

‘How to Learn’ and ‘How to Revise’:

With schools having to cover a vast curriculum, little time is spent on how to learn and revise efficiently and effectively so pupils often find it difficult to communicate what they know. We have previously run this programme at a local secondary school and are preparing to do so again in 2021.

This course is aimed at year 9 and 10 pupils who have exams to prepare for. It gives specific tools for how to learn content and memorise what they have learnt.

Elevate Life – Mental Health (click here for more details)

As part of our ‘helping young people to #BeOK’ programme we have been supporting children who are not at school due to poor mental health. Please go to ‘Elevate Life’ if you think we can support your child in any way.

‘Walk for wellbeing’ will continue after the pandemic. We aim to support families and allow parents and young people to get alongside each other.